How to sip
like a local

How to sip like a local

Sipping like a local

In Mexico, tequila is kept in the fridge so it’s
perfectly chilled when served and almost
always enjoyed in its purest form.

Save the lime and salt for making Margaritas,
Palomas or other cocktails, and rather try
sipping neat Tequila unadorned.

Take your time

When presented with a neat pour of tequila,
take advantage of the opportunity to actually
taste the true essence of the agave plant.
In other words, savour it and see which
flavours you detect.

There are three prominent classes of Tequila:
Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.
To maximise the drinking experience for each,
you need to know what you’re drinking.


While blanco tequilas often get the limelight as a good
tequila for a fancy “shot,” more experienced tequila
sippers prefer them for the bright agave and herbal notes.
We like to call them “Chef’s Tequilas” because a chef with
a sophisticated palate is always drawn to the complex
flavors in a blanco tequila. Best sipped chilled, on the
rocks and sometimes with a sqeeze of lime.

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Reposado, or “rested” tequila, is aged in barrels from two
months to one year. Reposados hold hidden notes of
vanilla, caramel and butter, and many times a touch of
citrus is also present. Drink Reposado tequila neat,
preferably in a snifter glass.

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Barrel-aged for longer than a year, this tequila style
tends to have robust flavors, often layering on plenty of
caramel, toffee and spice.

The Añejo drinker usually has a more mature palate,
and it is best enjoyed with one ice cube or a splash of

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