Aged for at least 12 months and not more than three years in a barrel.

agave; rich vanilla; florals.


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Solento | Organic Añejo Tequila 750ML 40%

Solento Organic Añejo Tequila 750ml is aged for 18 months in Oak Barrels and is going to have notes of smooth buttery maple with an oaky finish. We would recommend sipping Anejo neat or on the rocks.
Retail Price: R1,999.00
Special Price: R1,699.00
Member Price: R1,699.00

Avion | Reserva 44 Extra Añejo Tequila 750ML

Avión Reserva 44 Extra Añejo Tequila is the culmination of [Avión’s] bespoke tequila process. After filtration, the tequila is placed in oak barrels for 44 months — 43 of those months are spent i...
Retail Price: R3,499.00

Codigo 1530 | Extra Añejo Tequila 750ML

Código 1530 Origen (Aged 6 Years) combines the refined palate of an aged tequila with many of the tasting notes typically found in aged whiskeys and fine cognacs. There is never a corner cut in Có...
Retail Price: R3,999.00
Special Price: R3,699.00

Codigo 1530 | Añejo Barrel Strength Tequila 750ML

Rested over 2 years in Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels Bottled at 88 proof or 44% ABV, the strength at which the Tequila comes out of the barrel rather than diluted down to 40%...
Retail Price: R2,499.00
Special Price: R2,399.00

Codigo 1530 | Añejo Tequila 750ML

Código 1530 Añejo (Aged 18 Months) is carefully aged for 18 months in the finest French White Oak wine barrels and has been lauded by tequila experts as the finest Añejo tequila available. There i...
Retail Price: R1,699.00
Special Price: R1,599.00

Rooster Rojo | Añejo Tequila 750ML

Rooster Rojo Añejo is our premium tequila, aged for at least one year in used bourbon barrels using 100% blue agave to give it its pronounced richness and exceptional smoothness for those with dis...
Retail Price: R429.00
Special Price: R419.00

Patron | Añejo Tequila 750ML

A distinctly barrel-aged spirit, Patrón Añejo develops a sweeter profile over time due to its interaction with oak barrels for 12 to 15 months. Big wood notes become prevalent during this time wit...
Retail Price: R879.00

Ocho | Extra Añejo Tequila 750ML

Rich roasted agave shines through the minimal barrel spice of the typically played out barrels used to create this wonderful extra añejo. If you are looking for something sweet or smooth go buy som...
Retail Price: R2,940.00
Special Price: R2,750.00

Ocho | Añejo Tequila 750ML

Aged in ex-American Whiskey barrels for one year Made with 100% Blue Agave. Available in 750ml. ABV: 40% Alc. Vol.
Retail Price: R1,530.00
Special Price: R1,495.00

Don Julio | Anejo 750ML

Barrel aged in smaller batches for eighteen months in American white-oak barrels, Don Julio® Añejo Tequila is a testament to the craft of making a superior tasting, aged tequila.Rich, distinctive a...
Retail Price: R1,999.00

Herradura | Añejo Tequila 750ML

Tequila Herradura Añejo matures in the barrel for 25 months, more than twice the 1 year age requirement. This patience is rewarded with a beautiful amber color and a complex, spicy taste. Our Añej...
Retail Price: R729.00

Herencia | Añejo Tequila 750ML

Herencia tequila anejo 750ml at 38%Great body, golden colour with yellow dyes, aromas of marshmallow and sweet spices. The refined and obsequious entrance leads to a dry body and is at the same ti...
Retail Price: R589.00
Special Price: R579.00

Jose Cuervo | Reserva De La Familia Extra Añejo Tequila 750ML

Reserva de la Familia® Extra Añejo is the Cuervo family’s award-winning 100% blue agave extra-añejo tequila made in limited quantities. DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL winner at San Francisco World Spirits Comp...
Retail Price: R2,399.00
Special Price: R2,299.00

Casamigos | Anéjo Tequila 750ML

Soft Caramel and vanilla notes with a sweetness from the Blue Weber agave layered with barrel oak and subtle hints of spice. Aged for 14 months gives this outstanding tequila a lingering smooth fin...
Retail Price: R2,499.00

Teremana | Anejo 1L

Created in a small town in the highlands of Jalisco, our founder Dwayne Johnson worked with a Mexican family-owned distillery to build a unique home on the grounds solely for Teremana - Destilería ...
Retail Price: R3,499.00