The Culture of
Sipping Slow

There's no rush.

The Blue Agave plant, the quintessential
ingredient of Mexico's most famous export
is certainly in no hurry.

It grows patiently for 7 long years before it
even considers preparing itself for cultivation.
In this time it endures the elements.
Embraces them. Absorbs them. Always building
character; nurturing substance.

The journey
towards alchemy
does not end there.

Once harvested, the heart - or Pina - of the Agave
is meticulously transformed through an age old
process of extraction, heat, fermentation and distillation.

And yet still the Agave bides its precious time;
resisting the temptation for haste. It is placed in large barrels where it will slowly mature and develop its
unique flavour to become the translucent or golden
spirit we know, love, and call Tequila.

The question
is this...

If this unequivocal elixir was so patient and measured
whilst heading gracefully towards its preordained destiny,
when the moment finally arrives for us to 'unseal' its fate,
surely we should slow things down, savour the moment,
indulge ourselves and pay homage to the process?

Welcome to
the culture
of sipping slow.

Because life is too short to shoot
smooth, 100% Blue Agave Tequila.


For those just wanting to slow it all down.
There’s no rush. You’ll get there.
It’s quality over quantity.

Less shots.
More sipping.

Our goal is to create a sophisticated
and like-minded community of premium
sipping tequila connoisseurs, who together
will transform the drinking culture of
tequila while inspiring a lifestyle of
relaxed sophistication and freedom.

Less Loco.

Once you feel the bottle and let the contours of its authentic shape guide your hand toward the cap, you’re suddenly aware that this is not your run-of-the-mill bottle of tequila.

More relaxed.

It has a certain presence. It has weight. As if it’s carrying not only the Agave spirit, but the spirit of Agave. You get a sense that this bottle has the potential to inspire conversation and future big ideas, carefully considered.

comes at
a smooth

From our exclusive ranges of
Blanco to Añejo, we are the conduit
to unhurried sophistication and we
aim to bring it to you through smooth
100% Blue Agave Tequila, one slow
sip at a time.

Sipping slow.

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